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home a/v distribution

If you are planning to start your ‘dream’ home or simply extending or renovating, contact Amitron for a modern day A/V Distribution System. Amitron will plan, design & implement your system not only suitable for today’s technology but also future proofing your house for technological advances. Amitron will also work closely with your builder, architect and interior designer to create the bespoke system you want.

Imagine music, rich & vibrant, always sounding its absolute best, whether played softly or loudly in any location you choose. Imagine vibrant videos that can create that ultimate movie experience. Whole house audio & visual distribution systems are surprisingly affordable and very simple to operate. Yes, movies, television, music & much more when and where you want it, all intergraded to work together with no visible wires or ugly boxes on show… your dream becomes a reality!

Total Flexibility & More

A correctly planned and installed A/V Distribution System will offer you access to your music and movie collection in any room you choose – even in the garden & garage. All those ugly black boxes and messy wires can be history with a Home A/V Distribution System. Yes, you will still need the black boxes & cabling, but they will no longer be visible. All the control components & sources such as your music & video servers, Sky+ box, Blu-ray player, tuner etc. are hidden away in one centralised area within your home and connected to each room using cables concealed within the wall.


Have you ever started watching a movie in your Cinema or Living room but it gets too late and you want to retire to bed? And you have a T.V. in the bedroom? Now imagine being able to watch the rest of that movie from any room without the need of a separate home entertainment system…. Amitron can make this happen. Contact us today

Your Music Collection

Many of us are now buying music downloads from places like iTunes and storing them on our computer or on our mobile devices. Denon HEOS & Sonos have developed a simple to operate system that can access music stored on your computer, mobile device & external hard drives as well as having your vinyl records sourced via your record player. Both Denon HEOS & Sonos systems can be operated wirelessly, apart from the necessity to connect the various sources and speakers. The two systems can be configured into as many rooms as you wish. They also offer a range of online music streaming products such as Spotify that allows you to access over 2,000,000 tracks for a small monthly fee.

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